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Tips to Maintain Healthy Lawn in Summer in Boxford MA

Summer is one of the most enjoyable seasons to stay outdoors. And what better spot than your garden to organize barbeques, spend time reading your favorite book, conduct bird watching and perhaps even hold weddings? But all these and more can be possible only when you have a healthy lawn.

Try some of these essential tips to achieve the lawn of your dreams in Boxford MA this summer. Note that a landscape company Beverly MA can best carry out the work of managing your lawn whether it is mowing or dealing with drought stress.

How to Mow Your Lawn in Summer?

Allow your lawn grass to grow a bit taller as it will grow deeper roots and make your lawn look fuller. Another advantage of taller grass is, the blades will provide more shade for your soil and check germination of new weeds.

Though the optimum grass height on your lawn will depend on many factors such as grass type, following 1/3 rule to grow your grasses is recommended before you mow them. It means you will have to grow your turf 1/3 of an inch longer than its optimum height. If you are not sure about the optimum height of your grass, a  lawn service Beverly MA can examine it for you.

How to Water Your Lawn in Summer?

It is essential to water your lawn thoroughly as the heat begins to rise up. You can water before the sun reaches its highest point in order to reduce the amount of water lost during evaporation. Watering in the morning also allows your lawn sufficient time to absorb the moisture before dark.

Since your watering schedule will depend on the region and weather, you need a landscape company Boxford MA to determine exactly how much water is needed by your grass. However, generally, when the weather is hot and dry, you can provide your grass around 1 to 2-inches of water weekly.

Is Drought Stress A Serious Issue?

Yes, drought stress results in excessive dryness of your lawn that prevents your grass from growing. It can even end up harming the blade’s cellular structure causing permanent damage to your lawn. If your lawn is undergoing drought stress, you will notice changes in hue, your grass will feel and sound crunchy under your feet, and your grass will start to wilt.

Call A Landscape Company Beverly MA To Manage Your Lawn

You don’t need to feel overwhelmed at the prospect of summer lawn care when Corliss Landscape & Irrigation is just a call away. We have all the tools, fertilizers, and experience necessary to maintain your lawn and bring it back to life even when it is affected by a serious issue such as drought stress.

Just give us a call (978) 356-4224 today and enjoy endless summer fun with your loved ones on your healthy lawn.

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