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Top Lawn Care Tips for the Fall in Massachusetts

Fall lawn care is especially vital if you want to keep it in tip-top shape until next spring. Your grass is busy drinking nutrients, moisture, and energy during the fall to help it survive the winter. Follow these top fall lawn care tips to keep it lush and healthy:

Don’t Give Up On Mowing

Though your grass might not grow as fast as it did during the summer, yet you should continue to mow it throughout the fall. Drop your lawnmower blade to the lowest setting as you get closer to winter for the last mow or two. It will ensure the sun reach the crown of the grass.

Water Your Lawn Correctly

Your lawns will see more dew and moisture and less evaporation during the fall. However, it is not always enough to keep them healthy. The roots have to stay well hydrated throughout the winter. Make use of a rain gauge to make sure your grass gets at least 1-inch of rain weekly. You can rely on your sprinkler or irrigation system too.

Aerate Your Lawn

The best time to aerate your lawn is fall. It will allow nutrients and water to get to your grass’s roots.

Aerators punch small holes in your soil and extract dirt plugs. It allows better air flow to help your grass receive more oxygen, hydration, and nutrients.

Rake Your Leaves

Lingering leaves will block sunlight from reaching the grass. They can easily collect moisture and prevent your grass from getting sufficient hydration. If they get piled on a spot too thick, leaves can eventually kill your grass. If you don’t like raking at all, consider upgrading to a lawnmower with a vacuum system.

Use Your Leaves For Mulch

Once you rake or vacuum all the leaves, consider mulching them. One of the easiest ways is by using a leaf shredder. You might feel like it’s an extra investment, but it is totally worthwhile if you’re purchasing mulch each year. You can bag them up and store them in a dry place until the spring.

Repair Bare Areas

The bald spots will only get worse as it gets cooler. Using a rake or a hoe, scratch the surface of the spot to loosen the soil. You can then follow up by using a lawn repair mixture that includes grass seed, fertilizer, and mulch. Water the spot often for the best results, preferably every other day for a couple weeks.

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