Why Should You Install Retaining Walls in Your Home Massachusetts?
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Why Should You Install Retaining Walls in Your Massachusetts Home?

Many homeowners choose to install retaining walls as it makes your backyard more attractive. But apart from that, retaining walls offer essential structural support to large masses of soil and stop them from entering the garden premises.

Look at some of the major benefits of installing retaining walls in your Massachusetts home. You will want to call up a retaining wall contractors soon after you get to know the benefits.

 Structural Support

A retaining wall keeps soil in place. If your landscape features small hills, the walls will act as a necessary barrier to prevent the soil from sliding forward in a landslide. It is vital especially during the rainy seasons in Massachusetts, as rain can exacerbate soil degradation.

Provides Additional Space

Installing a wall on your property will level your land and allow additional space. Ask a professional to erect a wall and the land can be backfilled to level off the ground.

Develops The Drainage System

If your land is sloped, it will cause a major problem due to the water flowing down the slope. By installing structural walls, you can stop the water going downhill. It improves your drainage and stops flooding.

Provides Privacy

You can erect retaining walls to create privacy between properties. If there is a building right next to your home and it sits higher than yours, a retaining wall can enhance privacy.

Improves The Aesthetic Of Your Home

Primarily, a retaining wall was erected for enhancing the visual appeal of a home. It can add depth and dimension to the landscape and increase the overall design appeal of your outdoors.

Some Types of Retaining Walls

There are a number of retaining walls available to choose from. Your professional retaining wall contractor will know best which one will suit your landscape. Some types of retaining walls are listed under:

Gravity wall: These types of wall are thicker and have the largest portion under the surface.

Sheet pile walls: You can use this wall in industrial projects such as waterfront construction.

Buttressed walls: It is great for stabilizing and stiffening and it reduces stress and bending.

Cantilever walls: These walls are connected to the foundation and hold the soil.

Call Up Corliss Landscape & Irrigation for Erecting a Retaining Wall 

Allow the experts from Corliss Landscape & Irrigation to install a retaining wall in your Massachusetts home. We have the experience and resources necessary to provide a seamless service. Get in touch with a retaining wall contractor Andover today. Choose safety for your home while enhancing your home appeal.

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