Fine Masonry & Hardscape

Corliss Landscape & Irrigation has been providing Landscaping service, designing and installing landscapes throughout Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, and greater Boston area for over 35 years.

Brick, pavers, retaining walls, walkways, patios, driveways and pools, Corliss Landscape & Irrigation has been installing hardscape components in the landscape for over 35 years. Whether part of a master design or a single element, a Corliss Landscape & Irrigation representative will meet with you to discuss your hardscape project. Often times choosing the materials for the project can be an overwhelming task. We have experience installing brick, all types of natural stone, granite and concrete pavers and wall blocks.

We can guide you through this process through photographs, product samples and examples from stone supply yards.

Prior to installation, your Corliss Landscape & Irrigation project manager will mark the layout of the walk, wall or patio for approval . Once approved, the footprint of the project will be excavated to a proper depth. A solid well-compacted base is installed to ensure that the patio, walk, or wall will not heave or settle. Once the base is in place, the paving material or wall will be installed allowing for proper drainage. After the hardscape is completed, any regrading and lawn repair is performed. This process of a solid well-compacted base and proper installation will create a wall, walk, or patio that should last a lifetime.