Irrigation Services

Corliss Landscape & Irrigation has been providing Landscaping service, designing and installing landscapes throughout Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, and greater Boston area for over 35 years.

Our goal is to design a system that will be reliable, cost effective and conscientious of water conservation. Corliss Landscape and Irrigation has been installing irrigation systems for over 30 years throughout Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire and Southern Maine. Throughout that time we have strived to educate our irrigation designers and installation teams to stay current with the latest technology. We are members of the Irrigation Association (I.A.) and the Irrigation Association of New England (I.A.N.E.). Our irrigation managers are I.A. certified designers, contractors, auditors.

Whenever we design an irrigation project our goal is to design a system that will be reliable, cost effective and conscious of water conservation. No two systems are alike. Each property has it's own microclimates and unique soil conditions which will determine the design of the system. We recommend using a drip irrigation system for planting, as it is the correct method to deliver water to the root system of the plants. Choosing the correct heads for lawn irrigation is also critical, to achieve complete and efficient coverage.

Even the most efficient irrigation system can be improved to conserve more water. We feel that this added efficiency can be achieved through the use of ET technology. ET is an acronym for evaportranspiration (the amount of water and moisture that evaporates from the soil due to solar radiation, wind, humidity and temperature). Typically a consumer can save up to 50% in irrigation water consumption using a et based system. An Et system can be part of a new system or retrofitted to an existing system.

Corliss Landscape & Irrigation's irrigation service division is one of the best and most qualified in Massachusetts. If you are dissatisfied with your current irrigation service contractor we would be happy to meet with you and discuss your irrigation system and how we can better serve you.

Corliss Landscape & Irrigation is committed to designing and installing irrigation systems that will keep your landscape lush and healthy without sacrificing the environment.