Natural Grass V.S. Artificial Lawns in Your Massachusetts Home

Not sure whether real grass or artificial lawns is best for your Massachusetts home? You can go through the pros and cons of both to decide your choice.

Pros of Natural Grass Lawns

  • Natural Grass is brilliant for the environment. It provides a habitat for wildlife and also provides oxygen for you, your family and the planet. It complements the rest of the plants and trees in your garden to create a natural green space.
  • The look and feel you get from the real deal can’t be compared to the ones you get from artificial lawns. Keeping it regularly mowed and neat will improve the natural look and feel of your whole garden.
  • Your mental health will be benefitted from having living plants and nature surrounding you. It can reduce stress and improve mood by spending more time in green space like your garden.

Cons of Natural Grass 

It is not easy to keep up with fertilizing and caring for your lawn. It consumes time and adds to your expenses. However, you can always choose the cost-effective way by contacting a lawn service Andover MA in Massachusetts or a lawn service Gloucester MA to take care of your lawn.

Pros of Artificial Lawns

  • Artificial lawns need less maintenance than natural grasses to keep it looking great.
  • You don’t have to weed, mow or fertilize an artificial turf saving you time and money. You can also enjoy your lawn all year round, without fear of mud or frozen lawn underfoot.

Cons of Artificial Lawns 

  • Buying a fake turf incurs large expenditure. It will often cost you thousands of pounds for a lovely-looking lawn. Picking a cheaper option will give you a garden that you don’t love the look of.
  • Artificial turfs need replacing every 8 years or so. The expense will keep repeating itself. In the long run, the cost will exceed the cost of overseeding your natural lawn.
  • An uneven ground or a sloping garden needs extra precaution. In case your garden is uneven, you have to put down an underlay to even it out. Only then you can lay down the turf. You might not be able to have artificial turf at all in a sloping garden. It often won’t stick and can slide to one end.
  • Artificial turf isn’t great for the environment. Think about the production of the plastic and the lack of carbon dioxide processing.

Natural grass has many more benefits than the artificial lawn. The look, feel, health benefits and environmental factors are enough to convince that natural grass will be the best choice for you.

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